Stuff I eat– Super healthy pancakes


These babies are a great way to jump-start your day! This is my version, modified from The Fame of Health- Clean Pancake recipe.


-2 Tbs Flax seed

-2 C rolled oats

-1 egg

-1 C organic rice milk– I like vanilla flavor

-2 Tbs cottage cheese

– Olive oil

-Assorted fruits– strawberry, banana, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, etc.

1. Start by grinding the flax seed in your blender. This is essential because whole flax seeds are too hard for our system to digest (they’ll pass through whole), and apparently ground flax goes bad really fast, so our best bet at taking advantage of all the nutrients is to grind the seeds ourselves. Also grind the oats. The resulting powder is the flour for your pancakes.

2. Add the egg and the cottage cheese and mix it all with a fork.

3. Add the rice milk and make sure you mix it in very well. You can add more or less milk depending on your preferred consistency.

4. Heat a tiny bit of the olive oil at medium-low heat and ladle your pancake mix. This is when I add my fruits of choice as it gives me a chance to make each pancake a different flavor.

5. Once the sides begin to brown, flip the pancake over to cook on the other side. Once it’s done, enjoy!

A healthier alternative to the sugary pancake syrup is honey– go for local!

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