A trip to Conscious Cuisine


A friend of mine had recommended Conscious Cuisine, and boy am I ever glad we tried it!

From what I understand, the goal of this cute bistro is to offer only fresh foods made from locally-purchased ingredients. This is a big plus because you know the food you’re getting is free of preservatives, not to mention that the act of consuming local products helps diminish our carbon footprint (think of all the gas emissions your food didn’t expel into the atmosphere simply because it didn’t have to be shipped, flown or driven halfway around the world.)

To begin, we went for the soups: Mine was asparagus and ham cream soup, Stephen’s was Brittish onion soup. If mine was tasty, Stephen’s was to die for! In my (sometimes picky) husband’s words, it was the best soup he’s ever had. Yes, that good.


Next, for an entree Stephen chose the egg noodles with salmon in creamy sauce, while I went for the vegetarian option of Ontario summer squash curry on basmatti rice with naan bread. My dish was amazing, extremely flavorful and definitely fresh. Stephen’s was also good, though I felt the creamy sauce could have used a bit more seasoning.

By the way, Conscious Cuisine will adapt their menu to fit your specific diet needs! They have gluten-free options, low-carb choices, low-calorie dishes, and if you call them one day in advance to let them know about your specific dietary concerns (like food allergies) they will create a dish for you. Now that’s customer service.

Also, their menu isn’t four or five pages long– it’s only one page! From what I understand, the way Conscious Cuisine is able to offer high-quality and fresh meals is that they create very few options (four items for starters, and only two entrees) which stand for one week. The following week you can go again to find a completely different and new menu still with few choices, which allows them to focus on using only what’s in season in our region. We found this to be really practical, especially because with few choices the task of selecting a meal didn’t become overwhelming, and it’s nice to know that next time we go there will be all new items to select from.

Now the deserts.

Oh, the deserts.

They have a huge blackboard on a wall with the list of deserts you can choose from. So cruel. How are we supposed to choose just one? Sheesh.

In the end I went for the Black forest cake (because it’s chocolate on chocolate plus chocolate), and Stephen opted for the Whipped peanut butter cup which was glorious! But far too tiny, if you ask me (but don’t ask because I could eat a bathtub-ful of treats like that).


Granted, maybe my meal is too calorie-high to be ideally in tune with an athlete’s goals. Maybe there was too much sugar in it (cough, cake, cough). And maybe the fat contents weren’t as low as they should be (darn you, creamy soup) BUT I’m still counting this as healthy eating. With all the crappy fast food choices out there I think it’s still way better to eat what’s freshly made, from ingredients freshly picked, and without preservatives.

Plus, it’s so darn good it can’t be bad. Right?!

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