The Vegan factor: The 21-day Vegan Kickstart


You know how the internet is: you click here and there, follow one link and the next, and next thing you know you’re considering a drastic lifestyle change.  (This is normal, right?)

For the first time, the thought of adopting a vegan (or at least as close to vegan as my knowledge thus far allows) diet sounds very appealing.

I have signed up for the 21-day Vegan Kickstart, and I’m actually excited! This program will begin on September 5th, so you’re still on time to sign up and give it a try yourself.

The decision came after learning about athletes like ultra-marathon runner Scott Jurek, weight lifter Jane Black, Ironman triathlon professional (and Canadian!) Brendan Brazier, and mixed martial arts fighter Mac Danzig. The world of vegans in athleticism is eclectic, including a vast number of sports and disciplines that require endurance, speed, strength and agility. All of this can be accomplished– like the aforementioned have demonstrated with their example– through a vegan lifestyle. And I want me some of that.

I’m curious to see if or which differences I will notice while going vegan for 21 days.  If you choose to join this challenge leave a comment so I can read about your experiences!

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  1. Hey! I’d love to see your vegan meal plan..I am a vegetarian myself, but do not eat fish and would be very open minded indeed about following a vegan diet for 21 days!

    be blessed, always


  2. You will love it! I highly recommend reading the book “Nutrition and Athletic Performance” by Dr. Douglas Graham. It’s essentially vegan nutrition for athletes, and since he has an entire chapter devoted to bananas, you know it’s legit. Also, Brendan Brazier wrote a book called “Thrive” which since you’re Canadian I think you may be required by law to read it at some point. Good luck and have fun doing it!

    • Thanks so much Ben! These resources help me a lot because I think that integral part of staying on track includes absorbing as much information as possible. Hence why I’m so happy to have discovered your blog ;)

  3. Ah. double dosage… Interesting (and FUNNY! muy FUNNY:) blog there and today i find an inspiring one here.

    I’m a hardcore carnivore and recently my interest in vegan diets, amongst other things heading in the healthy direction, was peaked by natalie portman and your post just about did it. I’m pretty excited to try it out (finger’s crossed i stay on the wagon…or at least, still tied to it as i’m dragged towards the looming finishing line)

    • Good on you for giving yourself the chance to try, Shaakira! Let’s grip on to the wagon together, shall we? September 5th, the Kickstart begins. Yay :D

  4. Sounds like a plan…um.. (wo)man united ;p
    I was quite inspired by your whole blog really… to try something new and stick it out to the end even if the result desired isn’t acquired. I can especially relate the mountain biking post!
    The planning is integral though so i must must start researching. Have you in any way sort of started bracing yourself for it?

    • I sure have! I’m super lucky to have very supportive friends, one even lent me like 9 books on becoming vegan, vegan cooking and recipes, vegan lifestyle, etc. I highly recommend you read ‘The Kind Diet’, by Alicia Silverstone. I was very skeptical of this book (you know, all I could think of was her in her ditzy Clueless days and I was all Really? lol), but the book has proven to be an exceptional resource to me.
      Soon I’ll post about all the other resources I’ve found on the web, including Iron clad Ben’s blog (you can see his comment above your here).
      And yes, plan, plan, PLAN! I’m starting with soaking and cooking my dry beans and lentils, this way I can just freeze them and have them ready and on hand for whatever I need.

  5. right with ya! took a peak at Ben’s blog before I caught your reply and Alicia Silverstone’s book.. I actually almost bought it a while back! Know she’s been a vegetarian for forever (since clueless times too i think) so thought she’d probably know wot she was talking about if I wanted to try it. IT was just unfortunate that while I was reading about her book online I had me some burger for lunch so was like yeah no! this really sounds awesome… think i’ll give it a tr- then notice the half eaten burger looked kinda sweet with what almost looked like bun-lipped smile blinged out with sunshine cheese… and so the toss up between who looked kinder at that point turned into a no contest. Everything in it’s own good time i suppose

    In the planning i’m a little behind. i still need to get the low down on the rules of being a vegan. which i shall have to do tomorrow cuz im in the midst of a deadline.

    Sweet friends! :)

    The cooking… i think i could be happy with pasta..(italian cooking is a great resource btw, they’re not that big on meat either from what i’ve seen in recipe books so there’s quite a bit you could take from that kinda cuisine too right?).

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