Vegan Kickstart- The first 3 days


I have really been liking the recipes we’ve tried so far! On our first three days, this is what we’ve had:



-Homemade oatmeal with vanilla almond milk, blueberries, and half a banana. Sweetened with a bit of Agave nectar (SO yum)


-Couscous confetti salad (we loved it)

-Carrot and red pepper soup  (It was thick, rich and super flavorful! Even Stephen liked it, though Anna hated it but I saw that coming because she only likes raw carrots)


-Green salad mix (arugula, baby spinach, baby romaine, etc) with grape seed oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh lime juice for dressing.

-Leftover couscous confetti salad

-Refried pinto bean tacos with homemade corn tortillas.



-Kashi cereal with almond milk


-Crockpot lentil stew, made from scratch (no canned lentils), and two slices of whole wheat bread with Earth Balance vegan butter spread (tastes exactly like butter- I found it at Sobey’s, for all my local peeps.)


– Skillet eggplant and lentils with almond parmesan  We used organic brown rice pasta. This was soooooo good, we all liked it (even though Anna claims to hate eggplant, she didn’t even notice it in here)


-Stove-top popped popcorn, with ground ginger sprinkled on it. The ginger definitely added a tasty extra punch to it!

-Post-workout: One Larabar, red pepper hummus with rye Wasa crackers.



-Homemade oatmeal with vanilla almond milk, blueberries and half a banana, drizzled with agave nectar.


-Veggie sandwich: Whole wheat bread, yellow and orange pepper, green mix (lettuce, baby spinach, arugula, etc.), red onion, cucumber, shredded raw carrot, and tomato. The original recipe called for hummus as the spread, but Anna isn’t too fond of it. Instead, I improvised the protein and healthy fats by using my homemade walnut-cilantro pesto (simply blend walnuts, cilantro, olive oil, garlic powder, a pinch of sea salt and black pepper). She DEVOURED the sandwich. She declared her undying love for it. She kept saying how she couldn’t stop talking about how good this sandwich was.

This is definitely the kind of sandwich I would send my kid for school– if she went to school.  (She doesn’t, we homeschool)

I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough and by the time I got back to the kitchen the sandwich was almost gone:

So, winner? I’d say yes!


-Lentil soup (leftover from yesterday’s lunch), with sweet potatoes cooked into it for variety and extra nutrients.

-Leftover couscous confetti salad.

-Green salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice as dressing, sprinkled with leftover almond parmesan from yesterday’s dinner.


-For Anna: Leftover popcorn with ginger powder.

-For me: Roasted red pepper hummus with carrot sticks and red pepper slices (oh how I love the stuff!)

-Post-workout:  One orange, one banana and one peach. An apple Larabar, a chamomile tea (in great company, I must add!)

I’m loving the easiness with which we can re-combine and use the leftovers.

There is one observation I have thus far: I’ve noticed that I feel more focused during my workouts, shifting attention away from the discomfort or difficulty, and placing it on what needs to be done in that moment. I’ve been eating on this plant-based way for only three days and I’m aware that it is far too soon to assume that this shift is directly a result of the switch in eating habits. I do think, however, that going through this conscious habit change has made me a lot more aware of my goals. It’s like thinking hey, if I’m switching up the way I’ve eaten my entire life because I want to better my athletic performance, then the least I can do is make every workout, every exercise, every repetition count. This is a viewpoint I wasn’t expecting but quite welcome with enjoyment. I feel more efficient.

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  1. I’m doing the vegan challenge, too! That’s great that you were able to stay more focused during your workouts. I haven’t noticed anything too different…other than some GI stuff. But I’m sure this kind of eating just takes the body some time to get used to!

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