Turmeric Vegetable Egg Bake (Alternatively: Don’t be an asshole to your body)


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Now lunch and dinner are officially insulted. Nice doing.

So, is it? Isn’t it? I think it’s a stretch to call breakfast the most important meal because all of them are important, but it certainly is of great value. Think of it this way: You wake up after hours of sleep, and your body is in dire need of nutrients. Then, what does the average person do? Feed themselves coffee or some equivalent crap. I have nothing against coffee and enjoy it sometimes, but if that’s the first (and worse, the only) thing you’re feeding your body in the morning when your organism is starved for nutrition, that’s asking for trouble. Body goes all like, the fuck, what am I supposed to do with this shit.

There are obviously plenty of genuine medical reasons why a body may go bezerk, from thyroid problems to diabetes and so many others. For the average human being, though, it can often boil down to habits.

And so when we’re being unreliable and not providing Body with proper sustenance, Body says screw this, who knows when I’m getting fed again, imma store me some fat. It’s like when you were a teen and Mom would clean your room and you’d be all MOM but Mom didn’t give a shit because you obviously weren’t going to do it yourself. Before we yell at Body to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND STOP TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE we have to prove we’re responsible and feed it properly. That, or consider yourself grounded.

This may sound like new age-y hippie crap, but I honestly think that we would be singing an entirely different tune if daily we could be appreciative and grateful of how immensely wise is our biology. It would certainly be better than cussing our body because the asshole insists on storing fat. That’s a figure of speech by the way, your asshole does not indeed store fat. Back to the paradox, we get angry at our body for being amazing and protecting us– even from ourselves. How poetic and sad is that?

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite way to start my day is usually with a fruit smoothie, but what I eat an hour or two after that varies from day to day. What I’ll show you next is an example of what I have on days that I feel particularly hungry and/or inspired to cook. Behold.


Why cook the vegetables in turmeric, you ask? Because turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory, comparable to drugs such as hydrocortisone and Motrin, except without the nasty toxic side effects. It offers relief to those with rheumatoid arthritis, aids those with cystic fibrosis, and it inhibits cancer cell growth. You can also use it in curries, soups, baked sweet potato, sprinkled over steamed cauliflower, or on caramelized onion.

Turmeric Vegetable Egg Bake

Sliced vegetables of your liking. I used: Onion, green, red and yellow pepper, zucchini, jalapeno, mushroom, shredded carrot, and baby spinach.

1 egg

oil, for sauteing

1/2 avocado

3 Tbs of mashed black beans (homemade is always better)


Salt and pepper

Garlic powder

Paprika (optional)

Dry parsley

Take all the sliced vegetables except for the spinach, and saute them lightly. You can skip this step, but I like it better like this because it mellows out the flavor of the onion and softens the veggies. Flavor them to taste using salt, pepper, garlic powder and turmeric. Once they’re done add the baby spinach to the pan and cover for about 90 seconds. Remove from heat and place all veggies in the baking bowl.

Crack the egg carefully on top of the veggies and place in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350. While the egg is baking, scoop out the avocado half and mash it up, adding sea salt (you can skip the salt, but I swear I can’t eat avocado without it. It’s a psychological thing.) Place the mashed avocado back into the skin, hollowing the center a bit so it nests the mashed black beans. Sprinkle dried parsley.

Once the egg is cooked to your liking bring it out of the oven and allow to cool for a few minutes. Sprinkle paprika on top.


Next time we feel like stomping our feet and threatening to run away because Body is obviously trying to ruin our lives, we should take a moment to consider that Body, just like Mom, is looking out for our best interest. They both act on what is best for us– even if we can’t understand it. Thank you, Body. Thank you, Mom. Now I get it.


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