For Those Days When You Want It All


This morning I couldn’t decide if I wanted something sweet or something savory. I went back and forth in my head trying to choose the perfect breakfast, the one that would hit right on the spot.

Then, enlightenment. An a-ha moment hit me in the face and I had a motivational talk with myself. I said Girl, why do you limit yourself.

We’re only bound by the limits we set for ourselves and all that jazz, right? Not anymore. Choose to be free. Release yourself from your mental barriers like I did. Decide to have it all.

First, breakfast. Then THE WORLD.


Let’s talk a bit about the specific ingredients used, starting with the egg.

The egg I used is from the dozens we bought at the farm this weekend. They’re happy eggs. This means that mother hen wasn’t curled in a cage with 20 other hens, with her beak and toes broken to avoid hurting each other, bald from stress and with her skin in open wounds from friction against the cage wires. She wasn’t fed growth hormones and wasn’t driven crazy by being kept under bright lights 24 hours a day to increase her egg production.

No, this momma hen lived free with the grass under her toes, clucking and stretching her beautifully feathered wings. She has pecked and scratched at the ground, finding the best and most nutritious food for her body. And you know what? It shows.

Farm eggs are very different from supermarket eggs. The yolk is deep yellow, very rich in color and flavor, while the supermarket version is pale yellow and very weak in consistency. I have a very difficult time trying to fry supermarket eggs and keeping them in their shape because the yolk is so weak it tears apart and spills all over the pan with great ease.

Their shells are quite different, too. Farm eggshells are sturdy, while supermarket ones are fragile, crack easily, and it is common for the shell to crumble into your cooking pan (annoying!). In fact, my mom was telling me that my sister recently began buying real farm eggs, and this past Easter when it was time for her kids to go on the egg hunt they had one heck of a time trying to crack those shells. Snort!

If you’re here for health, your best bet is to go for farm fresh eggs. Nutritionally speaking, they’re sounder simply because a farm’s hens have a way healthier lifestyle and eating habits than the antibiotics-stuffed factory hens. It’s all a chain, and if the animals you consume lived in their own shit and were more pumped with chemicals than a bodybuilder, what do you think you’re eating? Shit and chemicals, of course.

Then we have the salt. I insist constantly that you use a good quality sea salt, avoiding regular table salt completely. Sea salt provides our body with a myriad of trace minerals that we need for many functions, including muscle contraction and expansion, nerve stimulation and transmission, and brain development. On the other hand, table salt is highly refined and it lacks any benefit. Nothing good will come out of it, period. Slowly but surely, it kills.

Finally, let’s discuss raw honey. Not only is the taste of raw honey far superior than regular supermarket honey, but it also offers many more benefits that the processed version has been stripped of. Raw honey is unpasteurized, so it hasn’t been exposed to heat, which guarantees that its nutrients remain intact. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food, and –especially if you buy raw honey from your local region– it can help in the prevention of allergies, as it contains pollen from your local flora. It has anti-bacterial properties and helps our immune system stay strong. Honey and lemon for a sore throat, anyone?

Now we’re ready. Behold.


Breakfast For The Greedy

1 farm egg

3 sprigs of asparagus, shaved

1 C of baby spinach

sea salt, pepper to taste

1/4 C cottage cheese

1/2 Tbs olive oil

1 tsp coconut oil

For the syrup:

1 Tbs raw honey

2 Tbs frozen blueberries

Melt your coconut oil in a small pan at medium-low heat and when it’s warm fry the egg in it. You don’t have to use a heart-shaped pan like I did, but I swear stuff tastes better like this. It’s magic.

In another skillet warm the olive oil at medium-low heat and saute the asparagus with a bit of sea salt. Once they are done throw in the bunch of spinach and cover, for about 90 seconds. Place the cooked asparagus and spinach on a plate and wait for the egg to finish cooking.

In the meanwhile, let’s work on the most delicious homemade syrup ever: Place 1 Tbs of raw honey in a glass bowl, add the 2 Tbs of frozen blueberries, and melt it all in 10 second increments in the microwave. You want the blueberries to turn mushy so you can crush them with a fork and they release all their flavor into the honey, but you don’t want to boil or burn the honey.

Place your cooked egg on top of the spinach and serve the cottage cheese in a small bowl. Pour over the blueberry syrup, and you’re done!


High in protein, high in flavor. Savory and sweet. You can have it all.


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  1. Love this! Thanks for posting. I also appreciate what you said about free range eggs! I agree completely how important it is to get free range eggs – ethically but also for health reasons (the reason caged eggs are so pale yellow is that they are lacking in riboflavin and other B vitamins…also caged hens are at high risk of salmonella infection due to the way they’re kept). All that to say – well said! This meal looks lovely. :)

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