I Tried Thinking Of Something Less Lame Than ‘That’s A Wrap!’. But Failed.


Some days I’m little miss overachiever and I can clean the house, prepare a meal and photograph it, study, edit entries, bake school snacks, sell items on eBay, search new music for dance class, and go to work.

And then other days…

For those days when just rolling out of bed makes me feel like I deserve a round of applause there is nothing as refreshing and comforting as fresh veggies. Because they’re ready to eat.

You don’t even have to chop them nicely. I won’t tell.

Now, I won’t insult your intelligence calling this a recipe because it isn’t; it’s more of a meal idea for times when you could be doing something way more important than cooking. Like watching Hoarders.

Also, it’s a healthy meal which means you’re totally playing the responsible adult card even when you know you have an ulterior motive called sloth. I get it. No judgment.

Just grab all and any veggies you can get your hands on and roll them up in a whole wheat wrap (mine were whole wheat and grains or something. That’s why you can see the flax seed.) I used red and yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, red onion and green onion, with a side of organic baby carrots and green salad with raw honey- ACV dressing. To your wraps you can add a yummy spread on one side so it sticks shut and doesn’t unwrap. In this case I used hummus sprinkled with paprika and cayenne, but you can also use Baba Ganouj, Tzatziki, mashed avocado, walnut sauce, etc.

Eat, feel like a champ (because it is veggies, you know) and take it easy the rest of the day. You have my permission.

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  1. We all have those days, lol. I think I am having a week full of them!
    Nice idea for a wrap though, it looks like I can sleep through making it. We did smoothies today for the same reason… too tired to try :)

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