Latin Music To Revamp Your Workout Tunes



I don’t usually gravitate towards the more typical genres of workout music– you know, electronic, house, dj mixes– mainly because they leave me with a pounding head and a deep desire to murder someone. Saying it’s not my cup of tea is a sore understatement.

I like most kinds of music and enjoy variety, but Latin music is my absolute favorite of it all. To me it sounds so complete, so alive!

Also, I live in Canada now which means that I have been daily spoon-fed Journey’s Don’t stop believing on the radio to the point of considering jumping out of a vehicle in motion. Can you say overkill? To add insult to injury, I came across this list of The Top 100 Running Songs Of All Time, and once you get past and ignore #6 (motherfuckers), you will find Aerosmith’s I don’t wanna miss a thing on #68. Who works out to that?! Do you? I’m blatantly judging you.

In the fat chance that you’re anything like me, I figured I should share a few of the tunes I do enjoy. Who knows, you may find them energizing enough to push you through that last set or that last mile. They sure work for me!


Destra Garcia- Celebrate.

Bouncy, cheerful soca in all its splendor. Jumpin’, wavin’, we jammin’ til mornin’ darlin!


Oscar de Leon- Ven Morena.

This song talks about a hot brunette. ‘Nuff said.


Gusttavo Lima- Balada Boa.

Definitely *not* a ballad. Yes, he looks like a scrawny 16 year-old and probably gets laid more than all Sweatglow readers combined, but look past that you will find a catchy tune with beautiful Brazilian beats.


La Excelencia- Salsa Dura.

Directly from The Bronx we get the fantastic beats of La Excelencia. Salsa de Nueva York!


Juan Luis Guerra- A Pedir Su Mano.

Oldie but goodie, and one of my husband’s favorites. Can’t help but bop around when this starts playing.


That’s but a taste of what lurks in my iPod, and hopefully it will open your ears to songs you may not have heard before. What about you, what are your absolute favorite tunes to work out?


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