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Give Me Give Me MORE




Do more, work more, accomplish more, be more, have more.

And more is causing us chronic stress.

And more is giving us ulcers, migraines, acid reflux, and high blood pressure.

And more is slowly but surely killing us.


I’m done with more.


From now on I’m striving for better.


I don’t want to train more and spend half my life at a gym. I want to train better, because by training better I can multiply my results and reduce the time invested.

I don’t want work more and end up resenting my job. I want to work better, respecting my own creative times and tuning into what is important.

I don’t want to give more. I want to give better, focusing on how I can effectively impact others, and, equally important, give to myself: my down time, my playful time, my mindful moments.

I’m done with more for the sake of more. This is simply about getting better at what we already have going. Because through the accumulation of little betters it is that we can achieve great.


And I don’t know about you but I’m all for being great.


Bring it.


Just better.

Canfitpro Toronto 2011, here I come!


I’m going away for the weekend! To a paradisaical holiday? Not exactly.  I’m attending the Canfitpro Toronto conference, which is the largest fitness conference and trade show in Canada. I’m so excited! I get three days jam-packed with classes, clinics, and tons of new techniques to use with my clients.

It’s my first time going to this conference and I’m also a bit terrified because I know the program can be grueling (it’s only a whole bunch of hours of physical activity each day). Also, it’s the first time I’m going somewhere and leaving the family behind; I’m curious to see how the hubs and kid will manage without me. For the time being they already ammo-ed themselves with frozen pizza. Sheesh.