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A friend in need’s a friend indeed, a friend with weed… oh wait.


In all seriousness, no weed was involved in this training program. Other than the weeds and grass on the soccer field, that is.

My good friend Angelina is currently training hard to get her body in shape before her upcoming surgery. As my boss (and her main trainer) went away for holidays, I was left with the much difficult task of training her. Yes, I get paid to spend time with my friends. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

Our first session included a much anticipated (by me!) trip to the soccer field, where Angelina was given the task to lunge back and forth twice (or, a total of four lengths of the field) while carrying none other than our lovely 80 lbs vest. That’s 36 kg for all the normal people who use metric system the rest of the world.



On our second session, I had her do one of my favorite kinds of training (for others, not for me. Ha!) :  Circuit training! Because she’s my friend and I LOVE HER DEARLY, I made sure to include a bazillion burpees of all kinds– spidermans, mountain climbers, laterals, crossed, with pushups… Hey, I’m only looking out for her best interest and success. I swear.

Also, I got to try with her the same things I did at my Kickbox bootcamp! Don’t let her tell you otherwise, she loved it.  I have proof:




Well if that doesn’t scream “I’m so happy to be alive!” I don’t know what will.


She did great! And I had a blast training her. Though she got to punch and kick me, so I’m guessing she had a good time too.