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When ignorance meets power


I am terrified at the above stated combination, though sadly it happens more often than not. I think the reason for this is that people with knowledge are smart enough to avoid political games and instead focus on actually working to bring positive change to their communities. This is fine and dandy, except for when we are left with a handful of morons in positions of governmental power making decisions they are in no way qualified to make. And I don’t even mean professionally qualified– I mean they’re not qualified even with the smallest stint of common sense. Case in point: The pizza phenomenon.

Yes, ladies and gents, Congress has spoken: Pizza is a vegetable. Don’t believe me? Read this and cry. 

I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too– what the heck is wrong with these people? I will kindly conclude that this label was reasoned based on a pure and innocent lack of information, though you and I know that this is my kind way of saying that they’re just fucking stupid.

Labeling pizza as a vegetable allows them to serve the meal in school lunches. Because that’s exactly what America needs, y’all. They can serve it now with peace of mind because, hey, they’re feeding the kids their veggies. Right.

Never mind the saturated fat contents. Never mind the insanely high sugar levels. Never mind that cheese is directly linked to obesity and diabetes, and the casein in it has proven to be addictive. Never mind that the flours used to make the crust are so refined and processed that there is absolutely no nutritional value left. And never mind that the combination of the aforementioned fats, sugars, cheeses, and flours is nothing more than a bomb of MAKE YOU FAT. It’s all a-ok because pizza has tomato sauce.

Yes, the fake, processed, and nutritionally void trace of tomato in the sauce is enough for pizza to be classified as a vegetable.

I believe there is way more than meets the eye in this decision like, say, probably lots of $$$ dropped by the dairy industry in order to get their cheese-dripping concoctions approved to be sold in such massive scale, adding up to millions into their pockets. After all, the dairy industry has less than a squeaky-clean track record when it comes to buying their way into what they want.

My heart feels heavy for the thousands of children that will grow up believing that pizza is a nutritious food because this will continue the cycle of misinformation, obesity, heart problems, poor quality of life, disease, draining of the medical system, and death.

Americans should care because unhealthy people make terrible workers, what with all the sick days, drowsiness, poor performance, and whatnot. Americans should care because the strain on the medical system doesn’t come from healthy, well-fed people. Americans should care because families are burying their dads from heart attacks in their late 40’s, and when families lose the main bread winner they have no choice but to turn to social assistance. I put the emphasis on the financial impact because it seems like collectively, as a country, this seems to be the main worry; and so here’s my hoping that this approach will finally let it sink in, how it’s all connected. America, you want to know what’s wrong with you financially? It all stems from your inability, your unwillingness to keep your people healthy.